Save The Future – Save Our Kids – An Idea or “Ida”

Every day we see all around the world that lot many kids are kidnapped, abused and later murdered. In this hi-tech era, can’t we minimize these incidents. I am pretty sure lot of work is going on. Here is an idea that I am pretty sure can minimize these incidents. Here is how it works – During the early days after the baby is born, some type of Identity Chip / GPS emitter should be implanted some where in the body that’s only known to the hospital authority / security personals. Now the child is track-able by some special kind of GPS receiver that can identify the child as well as its location. Also this can be removed later or degraded itself after certain age like 18+ or so. Now, If, God forbid, something goes wrong, the child is missing or so, the receiver should alarm the parent as well as to the security / emergency personals.  I know its a lot of work, but I am pretty sure with the advancements in the biotechnology field, it is doable. Please, please do not ignore this and please take this very seriously – as these babies/kids are our future, we should save our future and use the technology for saving the future as well – Thanks !

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